It’s always great when clients are so happy they write and tell me. Thank you all so very much.

Kind Words From Some of My Happy Clients

He barked at everyone and anything

We have a three year old Shih Tzu called Milo that had become a nightmare. He barked at everyone and anything so walking him was a challenge and a half. After trying various training, calming and just plain avoiding people which was obviously not always possible, we found Rick on the Internet. After speaking to Rick we felt a glimmer of hope that we may have found a solution. We were sceptical when he said we would notice a difference within the first hour of Rick’s treatment. And how right he was! What a difference he has made. Not only did he explain as to the reasons why Milo was the way he was but gave us tools to correct that behaviour. We now have a happy and confident bouncy Milo. Walking him is now a pleasure again and no longer a nightmarish chore. No more crossing the road when another dog is heading our way. Plus the postman can come to our door without the “guard dog” making him jump. Contacting Rick was the best thing we did, just wish we’d done it sooner.
L. Fortune – Wrexham

at my wits-end

When I contacted Rick I was at my wits-end as Pepper our 9 month old collie cross had escaped yet again over our 6 foot fence and we couldn’t get her back. She totally ignored all of us. In fact now I look back she was the boss but in a very subtle and loving way.
Rick came to our house and asked many questions whilst Pepper ran around the kitchen looking for some attention then after such a short time he had her sussed and more importantly he had me sussed. What was amazing about the training is the understanding of dogs that Rick has and the way he helped me to understand Pepper and her needs. He didn’t just tell me, he showed me and then watched me and checked I had it right too. He gave me the confidence to correct her and showed me how I was in control in every situation so that she looked up to me and listened to all my commands. I can’t list all the things that are now different but here are just a few. She used to pull me on the lead so badly it hurt my arm, now she walks to heel by my side and that was just after 4 hours. She now comes in from the garden first time where as before it was only when she was ready and for a treat, even then sometimes I couldn’t catch her. Because we are only 2 weeks in I still have her on a 5 meter lead and we are recall training and it is going so well that I drop the lead and she comes back to my command. I have even been able to call her back from other dogs. The recall is work in progress and I will be testing it fully in another 2 weeks without the long lead. 
A few words from my 17 year old son, “ I feel so much more connected with her now that she is listening to us, she is actually part of the family. I actually enjoy walking her and look forward to the time we spend together”.
 If you want to gain control and keep your dog safe then I highly recommend Rick.
W. Bateman – Ruthin

Benji would not move

I would like to say a big thank you to Rick. 
Benji is a rescue puppy from Bulgaria.  My sister in law took him on as a family dog but unfortunately he turned out to be a very nervous dog and completely shut down. She asked me to take him as I had experience with dogs. 
Benji would not move from the settee, wouldn’t go out in the garden, i use to have to carry him. Wouldn’t eat until during the night when no one was around. He was frightened of anything and everything. Wouldn’t let anyone stroke him or even play with other dogs.
I contacted Rick.  He came to see us both.  Within the first three hours he was here he turned Benji around. Had him walking in the garden, walking down the road on his lead. What a difference.  He slowly started to play with other dogs when we went out and actually walking, not me carrying him! He then came back a few weeks later as Benji still wouldn’t let people near him and again within a couple of hour’s Rick was stroking him and walking him down the road.
Benji has so much more confidence now. Still some way to go though.
Rick is amazing.  Such a caring person. There at the end of the phone.  He’s not only helped Benji but helped me also how to understand Benji’s mind and what he is going through.  
I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with their little one. 
Thank you so much.
J. Murphy – Wrexham

Pulling and lunging at other dogs

Mac came to us about 16 months ago having spent his whole life in a Cyprus pound. With no socialisation we had issues when walking him pulling on the lead and lunging at other dogs. When we first got him we were able to let him off the lead but one evening he got attacked by another dog and ever since we have not been able to. We went to dog obedience training and they suggested to put a halti on him and reward him with treats, which didn’t work. Since meeting Rick, Mac’s (and our) life has changed, he has given us more confidence and explained the importance of being a pack leader.  After the visit we were totally gobsmacked at how well he was walking on the lead past dogs and not pulling and lunging. None of this work was rewarded with food but good old fashion praise and affection. 
We have another dog called Betty and she is from Egypt pound and was a model dog from day one, no barking, lunging walked wonderful on the lead and would play with other dogs. Once Mac arrived she started to pick up his bad habits so Rick also helped us with her.
I cannot recommend Rick enough he is fantastic at what he does and what I like is everything is explained in details so we understand our dogs better. Thank you Rick!
L. Warburton – Llangollen

Misbehaving Duke

We thought that we would let you know how successful Duke has been since you came to help us.
He walks beautifully on the lead for Ken and has passed by other dogs with his head down and ignoring them – even when the other dogs were barking at him or trying to get to him.
Ken has altered the time he takes Duke out so that there is more likelihood of meeting other dog walkers rather than walking him at unsociable hours, that  is a big bonus.
We took Duke to our local Reservoir yesterday morning and that is a haven for dog walkers – Duke behaved beautifully he was unfazed by other dogs ignored the ones that ran up to him and Ken sat on a bench surrounded by other dog walkers and had a coffee.  People commented on how well behaved Duke was.
We also went to the pub for lunch and it was the same – two separate parties of people came over to comment on how well behaved Duke was and to admire him – Duke just sat under the table whilst we ate our lunch.
Ken says that his own confidence in handling Duke has grown significantly – I still have some way to go but I will continue on the programme. It is working so well we cannot thank you enough – in 3 days it is like a miracle the change we have seen in us and in Duke.
Ken & Sharon – Wirral

Nightmare Walks

Many thanks again for your excellent advice and support. when we first approached you we were in despair as to how we could get Bertie and Teddie (two brothers) to react positively to other dogs instead of turning a walk out with them in to a nightmare. Following your visit and the time that you spent with us going through the right and wrong approaches to how we treated the dogs we were able to see an immediate improvement in their behaviour. This gave us the confidence when we took them away with us to walk down busy streets in the Lake District and for them to behave impeccably. This has continued and we are now happy that they continue to show positive development and that our own approach to them is helping them develop. All thanks to you and I would recommend your considered and helpful approach to anyone.
Graeme & Julia – Oswestry

calm and content

Well we are two weeks down the line from seeing Rick and the change in Harley is incredible. He seems so much calmer and content and he actually now listens to me!! Rick was so kind and patient and really understood the affect Harley’s bad behaviour was having on the family. He tailored the training programme to fit our problems and made us all laugh in the process!! Using your service was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now you’ve given us the knowledge and confidence we look forward to going from strength to strength. Brilliant!
K. Leonard – Mold

Immediate improvement

We were able to see an immediate improvement in our dog Milo’s behaviour after meeting with Rick and we both learned alot about nutrition and how to understand why Milo behaved the way he did in certain situations. I cannot recommend Rick highly enough to anybody wishing to change their dog’s behaviour, habits etc. It has certainly made a massive difference to us!
E.Williams – Rhyl

Walking to heel beautifully

I just thought I would let you know what a huge improvement there has been in India since your follow up visit. She is listening to me so much more when we are out walking. Walking to heel beautifully. Coming when called first time, we went off lead fully today and she behaved impeccably. Staying by my side when told, not going too far ahead of me and even ignoring another dog when told to.
I can’t thank you enough for all your help and advice.
J. Norton – Chester

Run along the fence barking

I would like to say a Huge thanks to Rick for helping me deal with what I thought was an impossible problem to solve. We back on to fields and Ozzy my springer spaniel would run along the fence barking every time the farm dog next door went by,this happened several times a day and no amount of recall,shouting etc would make him come away. I e-mailed Rick and we arranged a visit. Rick was very patient not only with Oz but also with me and he showed me different techniques to use,it worked. He now comes away when called, Oz is so much more attentive both in the house and outside. I now have a dog that is such a joy instead of a worry, I can walk him off lead past livestock. His lead work is not perfect but it is much better than it was,(a work still in progress), so a big thank you to Rick. Would I recommend him; Yes I would and have on many an occasion when talking to other dog walkers. Rick also recommend a change of diet, I was a bit wary at first but it is the best thing we could have done. Oz now cries for his food at meal times and his coat is shinier his teeth cleaner and his deposits much easier to deal with. What more can I say?
C. Cameron – Llangollen

Starts the mad barking

It was great to spend the time with you yesterday, they are like different dogs today. The Jack Russell, Tess is doing really well. When she hears anyone approach and starts the mad barking fit I correct her and she stops immediately, she seems so much calmer. I think it might be because she can see that I have taken control (or am trying to at least !) of Murphy. She is much easier around him and hasn’t bared her teeth at him at all today, as she was doing. He even managed to sniff round her today and she let him. Murphy has not bothered with Blade all day today, no play fighting, dragging his tail, nothing at all, he has left him alone all day. We had good walking on the lead today for 15 mins. He’s still trying to ignore me and runs at the gate even after I’ve corrected him but not as bad as before so it will take a lot of work to sort that out, but generally he’s been very quiet and calm.
All in all it has been a really positive experience, I can’t believe that I put up with my old dogs mad barking for 9 years before he died. He always seemed so full of anxiety and I wish I had been more assertive and corrected it many years ago, I thought that was just how he was and it was something we had to put up with as other than that he was a delightful family pet, but anyway, at least now I know I do not have to put up with unruly animals any longer.
D. Malone – Denbigh

Totally unmanageable

When we first got our dog Bomber he was totally unmanageable. Constantly pulling and lurching on his lead, did not listen to any commands, jumped up at people etc. He was on the verge of going back to the RSPCA. We then decided as a last resort to have some one to one training done and what a great decision it turned out to be. Thanks to Rick we now have a very well trained and behaved dog. He’s now off the lead on the field, enjoys playing with other dogs and most important comes back when called. No more pulling on the lead means he is now a pleasure to walk and a pleasure to own. We strongly recommend Rick to anybody with a troublesome pooch before you tear your hair out! Thanks again Rick for all your hard work, It was worth it.
Jon & Anne – Stockport

‘Big puller’

We cannot thank you enough for your expert training and advice for Ruby and us.

Ruby’s only small, but she was a ‘big puller’ and ‘non listener’ on her lead.  In the past, we have purchased a variety of non-pulling ‘magic wonder products’ only to find out they did not work. She is now happily walking behind with a loose lead, her head held high and her tail wagging – a wonderful transformation from Day One of training.  All we need is a collar and a lead – all the other ‘magic wonder products’ can go now.

Ruby was a very poor eater, following your advice and recommendations we have completely changed her diet and she loves her ‘new food’ – truly amazing from Meal One on her new diet.

We chose Rick because his methods are not treat/food based, Rick is also a dog behaviourist and he really knows and understands about dogs.  He’s a really friendly understanding guy and Ruby took to him straight away. We didn’t want to have pockets full of treats at all times.  It is wonderful that we can ask Ruby to sit/stay etc because we have asked her to instead of bribing her with treats to do as we ask.  Ruby’s now paying attention, listening to us and is very happy to do so.

Ruby is 18 months old and we will all benefit from your expertise for the rest of her life – an excellent investment. Will definitely highly recommend.
L. Hassall – Whitchurch

Done wonders for me and my dogs

I cannot recommend Rick highly enough. He has done wonders for me and my dogs. Thank you Rick. What an awesome experience.The results speak for themselves. My dogs are much happier and so am I!

I would highly recommend Rick. I found him patient, extremely knowledgeable and he made the sessions fun ad very enlightening. He teaches easy to lerach techniques which deliver quick, sustainable results. Delighted!

Looking for a reputable dog behaviourist? Your search has ended! Choose Rick and your doggy problems will be a thing of the past. I was sceptical but the results are unarguable. – Amazing!
A. Fishburn – Chester


Hi Rick. I dont know what to say other than THANK YOU! The change is Holly’s behaviour within minutes of your arriving was remarkable. Thank you for being such a good teacher. I would recommend you without hesitattion to anyone struggling with their dog’s behaviour.
N. Ojo – LLandudno

End of our tether

After three and a half years with our rescue wire hair dachshund, we were at the end of our tether with the constant barking and seriously worried about her behaviour with other people. We had consulted other trainers and nothing changed. Just one hour in to our consultation and we had our dream dog. Two weeks later, just making a few tweaks to how we handled her, and we are all happy and relaxed. Rick immediately interpreted the root cause of her behaviour and explained what we needed to do and why. So far we don’t need any follow ups…….He really is a miracle worker and worth every penny.
S. Clarke – Shrewsbury

Aggressive to anyone visiting

I am absolutely speechless. Rick saw myself with my family and our dog Dennis last week who is (or should I say was) aggressive to anyone visiting out house. We haven’t been able to have visitors in the house for the last 9 months but after only a couple of hours, we had my neighbour ring on the doorbell and COME INTO THE HOUSE with not one peep out of Dennis. We’ve had lots of people round since and Dennis is like a completely different dog and I love it. Rick has transformed our lives for the better. Thank you so much.
A. Woodley – Colwyn Bay

Such a nightmare

Thank you Rick! Walking Pip used to be such a nightmare that i completely dreaded it but now it is such a dream. We can walk for miles on the lead and I hardly know she’s there. My friends and family are gob-smacked at the improvement. I cannot recommend you highly enough.
T. Reed – Chester

Destroyed furniture

After spending several hundred pounds to replace destroyed furniture and several hundred more on a couple of dog trainers I was at the point of having to give up on our rescue dog Molly and return her to the rescue centre. I am so glad we found you and gave it one last try. Since you saw us we have been working on the advice and techniques you showed us and the change is amazing. We can now leave her on her own for a couple of hours. She’s seems perfectly happy when we get home so we are now building up the time we leave her. Molly is much more confident and happy since we started the training. A big thanks from us all.
P. James – Rhyl